Spirits of Orchid Island

53 Minutes/ High Definition Video/Dolby 5.1
English,Mandarin,Taiwanese Versions Available

Orchid Island・s jagged volcanic landscape, lush tropical jungles and clear blue waters are home to a unique mix of wildlife of Indo-Pacific and Chinese origin, and to the Tao people, an ocean-going culture with ancient beliefs and deep respect for nature. 
Over a thousand kinds of fish and numerous seasnakes populate the island・s coral reefs, while Lanyu Scops Owls, Whistling Green Pigeons and Birdwing butterflies thrive in the forests alongside a host of reptiles, colorful insects and huge spiders. The Tao・s guardianship of both forest and ocean has preserved the island・s wild nature since their ancestors arrived from the Philippines nearly a thousand years ago. To this day, they harvest the sea from painted boats, hand-made from forest timber, and though the Tao・s world is changing fast, many spiritual beliefs and links with nature survive.  
This powerful High Definition production provides a unique insight into the island・s landscape, wildlife and people as Syaman Rapongan, a much-respected Tao writer, reveals the traditions of his tribe and their sympathetic view of nature. He shuns the bright lights of nearby Taiwan and lives the life of a true Tao, following the old taboos and revering nature and the spirits that watch over it. He acts as a passionate and thoughtful guide to the colorful ceremonies, rituals and taboos of the island as he works to build a new boat. His insights into this unique island and its ancient culture have much to tell a modern world whose values have lost touch with nature. 

Technical Information
This film was largely shot on a Panasonic Varicam DVCPRO-HD camera (AJ-HDC27FP), at 720P 24fps, using the high speed facility when required and to provide quite a filmic look to capture the island・s dramatic scenery, wildlife and human activities in both detail and rich color.  

A cinematic feel was brought by the use of revealing camera moves and careful cinematography. The sounds of the island were painstakingly captured by patient recording methods and a Dolby 5.1 surround sound mix used to recreate the sense of actually being on the island.