About the Director

The film was directed by Nick Upton a multi-award winning wildlife/environmental director from the UK with considerable experience of working in Taiwan on two earlier films, which have been popular in Taiwan and internationally and won many awards: Director/Writer/Producer of ¡§Typhoon Island¡¨ (2004, BBC/ORF Austria/ PTS Taiwan). Writer/ Co-director of ¡§Monkey War and Peace¡¨ (2005, PTS Taiwan).

About the Main Character Syaman Rapongan

Syaman Rapongan is a highly-respected Tao writer who lives in Orchid Island. He reveals his tribe¡¦s deep respect for all living things and the spirits that watch over them as he builds a traditional boat to fish from.

About the Music Composer
Music was composed especially for the film by Matthew Lien, who is well-known in Taiwan for albums such as ¡§Voyage to Paradise¡¨ and ¡§Bleeding Wolves¡¨ and for his links with aboriginal peoples and environmental concerns, and features the Amis Kakeng Musical Group extensively.  

Orchid Island Credits English
Director / Writer Nick Upton
Producers Wen Cheng
  Shuwa Chang
Cinematography Syaman Yeh-hai Chang
Underwater Cinematography Antony Kuo
  Micky Chen
Editor Min-chi Tu
Original Music Matthew Lien
Musicians Amis Kakeng Musical Group
  Yin-chung Huang
Sound Recordist

Chia-hao Yang

Camera Assistant Kuan-hsun Wang
Production Coordinators Hsing-hua Chang
  Chung-ho Lin
Production Assistant Si Malaong
Sound Mixing 3H Sound Studio Ltd.
Color Grading Taipei Motion Picture Corporation
Narrator Matthew Lien
Voice Syaman Rapongan Dennis Nieh
Voice of Elders

Wen-yen Su

Tao Translation Syaman Rapongan
  Sinan Somoken
  Syapen Monut

Si Ngahephep

English Interpreter Emily Y. Wu
Ornithological Consultant Chieh-te Liang
Ecological Consultant Wayne Hsu
Anthropological Consultant

Guang-hong Yu

Special Thanks to

Syaman Rapongan
Chih-tien Wang
Wen-san Huang
Cheng-hsiung Chang
Dezso Benedek
Syapen Kutan a Manganai
Syapen Kutan a Naryagan
Syaman Ngaroplin
Syaman Mangimon
Syaman Matahaw
Syapen Jyavkahaw
Syapen Kutan a Mapapo
Sinan Sekay
Mien-tsung Chou
Syaman Ngarayi
Panasonic Systems Sales Taiwan
Deepwaters Digital Support Inc.

The People of Orchid Island
Archive Footage Syaman Yeh-hai Chang
  Hsiao-jung Guan
Deputy Executive Producer Jessie Shih
Executive Producer Leh-chyun Lin